dance like the waves in the ocean

Born and raised in Mexico City. She started her Ballet training at the age of four in The Mexico City School Academy of Dance under the direction of Ms. Cristina Perez Escamilla. She studied modern techniques at the school of Ballet Nacional de Mexico and later in the school of Ballet Independiente de Mexico were she danced professionally and toured the Mexican Republic and Central America. Susana worked extensivelly in Experimental and Living Theater productions with several well known directors such as Juan Carlos Uviedo from Argentina among other professors of this performing art....Alejandro Jodorowsky was Susana's first encounter with surrealism at an early age, as well as her  aunt, visual artist /painter  Rosa Rosenberg.


She moved to New York City to continue her dance training with Masters: Takako Azakawa, Kazuko Hirabayashi, Louis Falco, The Alvin Ailey Dance School, and Carol Rioux among many great masters of dance. She appeared with Linda Diamond and Dancers at the Symphony Space and Lincoln Center Annex in New York City.


She moved to Cleveland , Ohio with husband and son Max Evert, and co-founded "The Tom Evert Dance Company", were she served as the artistic associate, principal dancer and choreographer for ten years. During those years with The Tom Evert Dance Company she traveled extensively nationally and internationally, participated in many collaborations with many prestigious organizations such as The Great Lakes Theatre Festival, The Cleveland Orchestra, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and the list goes on. Susana continued with her husband/partner working extensively with arts in education, outreach programs , universities nationally, locally and internationally She became the Co-Director of DANCEVERT were she   continued to oversee the whole artistic, marketing/publicity and general aspects of the company, as well as choreographing her own works for solos, duets, and large group works individually and in collaboration with Tom and other musicians.


Her vast love and experience teaching children and adults has given her and her students an inmense satisfaction as a teacher , developing through the years a unique style of class and workshops that consist of a blend of modern dance techniques, QiGong ( Chee gong....the ancient self healing art form that teaches us to take responsibility of our own health and focuses on deep breathing, correct posture and alignment of the body/mind), and she also mixes in a fun and witty way, her Latin roots by inserting many Afro-Latin and Caribbean dance styles. Susana has won many awards of excellence in choreography and performance from several organizations such as The Ohio Arts Council, Northern Ohio Live magazine, etc.


I am a trained dancer, choreographer and teacher, and have spent my entire life studying and practicing the Art of Movement. I have taught many people—both children and adults—and I can teach you how to move and breathe correctly, with proper posture and body awareness. These are the stepping stones to living a better life, and building a more healthy, strong, soft, sensual and alert body.

I invite you to explore my website in order to learn more about the path to a life lived conscious of your body’s rhythms and movements.

"....Susana offers fire and drama "  THE DALLAS SUN TIMES 



"Susana harnesses all the grace and power of all honest words spilling from every artist’s mouth. A deafening liturgy of incendiary prose made flesh, lighting the eyes and minds of its’ viewers on a brilliant and potent fire"

                                      SURREALIST GESTURE ( Jonathan Duran)



"Susana....Statuesque"  THE DANCE REVIEW,NYC-




" Of fiery beauty , her work communicates fleshy sensuality to spirit-filled concepts " 






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